Bad iPhone battery life since iOS 14.6? You're not alone, and this fix could help

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Have you found your iPhone's battery life has gotten worse since you downloaded iOS 14.6? It seems you're not alone, as lots of people have posted to Apple's community support pages and other services like Reddit and Twitter.

Many are reporting poorer battery life since the iOS 14.6 update landed on their phones last week. The update brought upgrades to the Podcasts app and a few other minor improvements.

It doesn't seem to be an issue for every iPhone user at the moment, and it's currently unclear why it's impacting some iPhone owners more than others.

In fact, we've seen reports from both users with a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max and older devices such as an iPhone 8. It doesn't seem to be restricted to older devices like you may have anticipated.

A podcasts problem

Could there be a fix? Some users on Apple's forum have said they've gone into the Settings app, and then looked under the Battery section to find that the Podcasts app is causing a large amount of battery drain.

Some have fixed the battery life issues by deleting the Podcasts app from their phone, but that's hardly a fix if you use that app on a regular basis as you'll be without the service.

Still, if you find that the battery life issues are stemming from the Podcasts app and you want to try the fix to delete it, you can always switch to an alternative podcast app instead, at least temporarily.

Apple has yet to publicly comment on these issues, but it may be that the company is working on a fix for them. If Apple does acknowledge the issues a fix may come as part of iOS 14.7, or it could come a touch earlier in a smaller upgrade.

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