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With the sudden shift to remote working and learning, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself having to use a potentially unsecure home network. It’s been reported that hackers are taking advantage of this predicament, but thankfully, there’s ways to protect yourself online.

You might know Avast Antivirus for its free software, but it also offers paid solutions with extra layers of protection – and now you can get Avast's Premium Security with a 20% discount.

Prices vary depending on your operating system, but you can cover one Windows PC for the reduced price of AU$71.99 a year, or one Mac for just AU$63.99 each year.

Or, if you live in a busy household, you can go for the multi-device deal – definitely the most cost-effective option in our books – which covers up to 10 devices for the discounted cost of just AU$87.99 a year. This package will protect all your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS gadgets.

While the free download blocks viruses and spyware, the Avast Premium Security suite adds to that ransomware protection, a firewall, a spam filter, secure file deletion and webcam hijacking protection.

There’s other welcome bonuses too, such as a Wi-Fi inspector that warns you of network weaknesses and intruders in real time, and a software updater that automatically finds and installs missing security patches.

Avast Premium Security for Mac

Avast Premium Security for Mac | AU$63.99 (RRP AU$89.99; save AU$26)

Even Macs are not immune to malware. If you’re currently using some Apple hardware to work from home, it’s worth considering this Avast Premium Security package. This suite will block access to malicious websites and vulnerable Wi-Fi networks so you’ll be protected online. You can currently save AU$26 off this one-year package – that’s a 20% discount.

Avast Premium Security for multi-device

Avast Premium Security for multi-device | AU$87.99 (RRP AU$109.99; save AU$22)

Plenty of us living with family or flatmates will have the need to cover multiple devices, and if that’s the case, this discounted 10-device option will be more economical. This feature packed suite will offer online protection whether you’re browsing from a Windows PC, a Mac, Android or iOS. Get 20% off this one-year coverage when you buy now.

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