Remix Radiohead's new single on iTunes

Spend £3.95 on iTunes, and get the chance to make Thom Yorke smile

Radiohead fans will get the opportunity to remix Thom Yorke and co’s latest single 'Nude' via iTunes and GarageBand, as the band has launched a remix site.

The Radiohead Remix site gives users the opportunity to download five stems from iTunes – bass, voice, guitar, strings and drums – and then use them to create their own mix of the tune.

Once you have paid your £3.95 to buy all five 'stems' from iTunes, users are given an access code to a file within GarageBand. They can use this to remix the tune.

Public vote for favourite mix

Don't fret if you are not a fan of GarageBand, because the stems are in iTunes Plus format, and compatible with other music creation apps.

The public will be voting for their favourite mix, and remixers will be able to create a widget to encourage votes from their own website, Facebook or MySpace page. The winner will be announced on 1 May.

It’s clearly another (admittedly clever) attention-grabbing PR exercise from Oxford’s masters of all things maudlin, following their recent decision to release their In Rainbows album directly online, and inviting fans to pay what they saw fit to download it.

You never know, Thom Yorke might even pay you to remix some more tunes if your effort makes him raise a smile. Which we doubt is possible.

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