In pictures: Pure Contour 200i Air

Pure Contour
AirPlay support is integrated into the Contour

Wireless standards are a funny thing. It seems that many demand that Wi-Fi is on board their devices but turn their noses up at DLNA support. So it's interesting that the arrival of AirPlay, a fairly new standard, has been welcomed and is cropping up on many a music player.

The latest to have the Apple tech inside is the Pure Contour 200i Air. This decent looking dock allows AirPlay support and also has an iOS dock on the front as well, which looks fine when either an iPhone or an iPod is connected.

We took a look at the Pure Contour 200i Air at CES 2012 and we impressed with what we saw. The dock is compatible with Pure Music – the company's Spotify rival – which means that it is internet-savvy and it has an aux-in input port in the rear and all of its controls (which consist of volume and power) are on the top of the device.

The 200i is an update to the 100Di, with the main sartorial difference being that there is no longer a clock on board – instead you have the docking station on the front.

When it comes to blasting out the music, the 200i manages 36W and has been given dual 3.5-inch full-range speaker drive units.

Like its bedfellow, the Pure Sensio 200D Connect, the Pure Contour 200i Air UK release date is Q1 and will set you back £199.99.

Marc Chacksfield

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