Audio Test: LG G7 ThinQ vs HTC U12 Plus


Getting stereo sound of flagship phones is becoming the norm and in order to stand out, phone manufacturers are trying other options. Both HTC and LG have released flagship phones in the form of HTC U12 Plus and LG G7 ThinQ, and, producing loud and clear audio a highlight on the specs sheets for both.  

BoomSound vs Boombox

HTC is improving it's BoomSound technology with stereo speaker that HTC claims are 60% better than the outgoing model while LG has added a "Boombox Speaker" which is a resonance chamber inside the G7 ThinQ that, LG claims, turns the phone into an powerful subwoofer. 

We've put these phones across various scenarios such as on the table or a couch or in your hands and used a Zoom microphone to capture audio output from both. Find out for yourself which one works better in the video below