Asics launches sustainable new running shoes made from recycled clothes

Asics recycled shoe
(Image credit: Asics)

Asics has launched two new running shoes made from recycled clothing rather than new materials. The Sunrise Reborn Pack includes new versions of the MetaRide and Gel-Quantum 360 TYO shoes, redesigned from old clothes collected in Japan.

To make the new Sunrise Reborn models, the company used the same tech it employed it make a line of sportswear for the (now postponed) Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Waste polyester is processed and solution dyed – a method that involves adding pigment before the material is made into filaments, which uses up to 80% less water than traditional dyeing techniques.

Best foot forward

The MetaRide is built for long distances, with thick Flytefoam cushioning for shock absorption and extra bounce, and a curved sole for motion control.

The Gel-Quantum 360, meanwhile, is a hybrid street/technical shoe with 360-degree gel cushioning around the midfoot. It has a particularly flexible upper made from engineered mesh with a no-sew design.


(Image credit: Asics)

The new models are being released today (March 5), though pricing isn't yet available at the time of writing.

The necessity of synthetic materials for making sportswear means it's a big producer of non-biodegradable waste, so it's good to see another of the big players taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Adidas has a similar long-running project in collaboration with Parley for the Ocean that uses plastic gathered from beaches as raw material for shoes and clothing, and hopefully more companies will follow suit.

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