Apex Legends has covered a sniper rifle with pink hearts for Valentine’s Day

Apex Legends
Image credit: EA

Apex Legends has got some goodies especially for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of a new patch for the game, which also introduces some important bug and stability fixes.

There are new Valentine’s-themed cosmetic items in the store, namely the ‘Through the Heart’ Longbow Epic DMR skin – although we suspect that many will still be going for headshots, even on Valentine’s Day – and the ‘Love of the Game’ Pathfinder banner frame. These items will be available from now until February 19.

Furthermore, any player who revives a member of their squad will earn a ‘Live Die Live’ banner badge. Again, you can earn this badge at any point from today until February 19.

Supply ship slips stabilized

As mentioned, the patch also implements some important bug fixes, including remedying holes in the map that you could fall through, and areas where you could get stuck. Also, reviving teammates on supply ships has now been fixed, so you no longer fall through the ship post-resurrection.

Furthermore, an exploit whereby players could keep duplicating items in their inventory has also been banished for good, the developer assures us.

Also, if you’ve ever encountered a situation where all your friends are errantly showing as offline, this gremlin has now been squashed.

Various client and server stability issues have been addressed, as well as performance issues, and a general layer of polish has been applied, including a number of tweaks to the interface.

Some slight changes have been made to the core gameplay, as well, with the Arc Star now displaying a grenade warning indicator, so you’ll get more of a heads-up (or a heads-down, rather).

Bloodhound has also received a light tap of the nerf stick, with the Eye of the Allfather ability being shortened in duration by one second.

You probably haven’t failed to notice that Apex Legends reached 25 million players in a mere week – smashing Fortnite’s record.

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