Another new Switch won't release this year, says Nintendo

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The Nintendo Switch Lite was recently announced, and there are rumors another new Nintendo Switch could be on the way. But according to Nintendo, we won't be seeing the new console this year.

At a press briefing for the announcement of the Switch Lite, Nintendo president Doug Bowser revealed that we won't be seeing another new Switch model in 2019, according to CNET.

"[The Nintendo Switch Lite will] be the only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday, as Bowser says the larger Switch won't get an upgrade right now," CNET writes. 

Is a Nintendo Switch Pro on the way?

Image credit: Nintendo

Image credit: Nintendo (Image credit: Future)

Bowser's comments suggest an upgraded Switch model is on the way, perhaps a Switch Pro? This would chime in with the Wall Street Journal's report earlier this year that two new Nintendo Switch consoles are on the way: a budget, handheld version and a "premium" console. 

If the report is to be believed – and we have already seen the first of these rumored consoles announced – then we could be seeing a version of the console with "enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers."

Whatever the new upgraded Switch will be called, it looks like we won't be seeing it until 2020.

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