Android P will be ready for the flexible Samsung Galaxy X

Google’s Android P update will be ready for the future of smartphones, whether it comes bearing a notch or has a flexible OLED display. 

Android P is said to be improving its support for phones with multiple displays, like 2017’s ZTE Axon M, and will be built with compatibility for foldable screens, like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X, as well as entrants from other major manufacturers that will purportedly see release in 2018.

Given the success of the iPhone X and the impact of the Essential Phone (even if it landed with a thud by comparison), it’s not really a surprise that the next version of Android will bend to meet the demand of phones that come in this new style.

Additionally, improving on battery life and expanding upon Google Assistant are key tent poles to the next version of Android, which Bloomberg states is being referred to internally as Pistachio Ice Cream.

Big changes ahead for 'P'

Aside from design changes in the move from Android Oreo to P, Google is apparently toying with the idea of allowing developers to incorporate Google Assistant into their apps. This  would give the company’s voice assistant a big boost in terms of being able to work with more apps and as a result, answer more questions from users.

While it’s unclear if Android P will introduce as big of a visual upgrade as the one seen from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 5.0 Lollipop, Bloomberg notes that it will be “dramatic” enough to make Apple’s iOS 12 update seem rather pale in comparison. Google appears to be preparing for the future of phones while Apple is reportedly dialing its focus back to just the performance and reliability aspects of its operating system.

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