Android founder's mystery phone runs on Android, Google exec teases

Ever since reports first emerged that computer engineer and Android co-founder Andy Rubin was making a new high-end phone, it's been speculated whether or not his mystery handset will use the operating system he helped create, or venture out into something new.

It seems the former is the case, as a remark from Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt claims the phone designed by Rubin's new company, Essential, will be available for "Android users." 

Schmidt includes a link to Rubin's own teaser tweet about the device, calling it "an example" of the type of new Android phones "coming very soon." 

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Schmidt's tweet comes in response to the glimpse at the so-called Essential phone Rubin posted earlier this week. While giving us little to go off, it appears the phone rocks one of those bezel-less, edge-to-edge displays that's become so in vogue these days.

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As Schmidt says, the Essential phone is all but officially confirmed to run Android. What's more, it will likely launch "very soon."

Other reported features of Essential's entry into the smartphone market include a robust artificial intelligence, hardware add-on capabilities, and a slick ceramic back.

  • Will the Essential be any match for Google's own Pixel phone?
Parker Wilhelm
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