5G is now available to all BT Mobile customers

(Image credit: BT)

All BT Mobile customers can now access the operator’s 5G data service. Until now, only those with a BT Halo subscription, which combined 4G, 5G and fibre into a single product, could receive the fastest speeds.

Customers can choose from one of four 5G plans, with data allowances ranging from 6GB to 100GB per month, and from a variety of handsets from the likes of OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung.

This includes the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

BT Mobile 5G

BT Mobile uses the EE network, which BT also owns, to deliver its services. The EE 5G network is currently the UK’s largest in terms of availability, with RootMetrics recently recording 450.9Mbps on the streets of Birmingham.

EE 5G is available in parts of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, Sunderland, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Bristol and Wakefield and Wolverhampton. The current focus is on covering the busiest parts of each town and city, such as train stations and public venues.

“Our BT Halo customers have been some of the first to enjoy 5G in the UK, and we’re now giving all of our customers the chance to get superfast, reliable mobile connections even in the busiest places,” said Pete Oliver, BT Consumer Marketing MD.

“Whether you’re watching HD TV or sport on the go, or FaceTiming your family on the way home, 5G makes a huge difference to everyday experiences and opens up even more exciting new experiences like seamless augmented reality and HD mobile gaming.”

Vodafone and O2 also operate 5G mobile services, while Three currently offers 5G-enabled Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) home broadband.

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