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OCZ Octane 512GB review

The first fruits of the OCZ/Indilinx partnership

OCZ Octane 512GB
The first SATA 6Gbps Indilinx-powered SSD

Our Verdict

Welcome addition to the SSD market. Just a shame you need to spend £700 to get full performance.


  • Great all-round performance
  • Good incompressible data throughput


  • Very pricey
  • Smaller, more affordable siblings offer less performance

The OCZ Octane 512GB offers high capacity, SATA 6Gbps performance, but at what price?

So you want a high performance solid state drive? For goodness sake get something with a SandForce SSD controller.

That's the prevailing wisdom the new OCZ Octane 512GB must dismantle if it's to succeed.

SandForce's second generation SF-2000 family of controllers has been a big hit despite early concerns over stability issues.

In fact, OCZ has itself used the SF-2281 in a number of drives including the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB and OCZ Agility 3 240GB. Plenty of other popular drives, including the Corsair Force 3 120GB, also pack SandForce technology.

But choice is a fine thing, so we're pleased and impressed in equal measure to find OCZ has come up with something unique for the new OCZ Octane 512GB and indeed the rest of the new Octane and Petrol SSD families.

That's right, by way of first acquiring SSD controller specialist Indilinx OCZ has produced its very own SSD controller, known as the Everest.