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LG 19LH2000 review

This 19" LCD TV concentrates on picture performance rather than gimmicky extras

LG 19LH2000
This set has some of the best pictures for a set of its size

Our Verdict

A good value set that offers pictures better than the price tag would lead you to believe


  • Good pictures
  • Operating system
  • Remote control


  • Black levels
  • Weak audio

The LG 19LH200 is a soberly styled, no-frills LCD TV, which in its user friendliness and picture performance makes up for much of what it lacks in aesthetic panache (a groovy, blue standby LED aside) or extras on its features list.

The cabinet is rather lightweight and hollow-sounding, while the stand the screen sits on has the feel of something fated to snap.

The remote control is a decent size and sensibly laid out, though, and marries up seamlessly to the South Korean company's peerless operating system. There is a basic paper manual supplied with the set, but in the unlikely event of this failing to cover most bases, LG has put a more extensive version on a CD-ROM for further reference.

The connections roster is on the sparse side, with a single HDMI leading a line that also includes a pair of Scarts and an optical audio output. There is a USB port, but a 'Service Only' tag dashes hopes of multimedia capabilities.


Pictures are excellent for a TV of this size, with a sunny, well-saturated palette and a reasonable stab at black levels, although these are still some way short of convincing cinematic profundity.

Audio, as with most of the competition at this size, is somewhat coarse and lacking in oomph, but able to cope adequately with television broadcasts.

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