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Britain urged to retune Freeview boxes today

Reutne your Freeview boxes
Reutne your Freeview boxes

Britain is being urged to retune it Freeview boxes on September 30, as changes are made to reorganise the platform and pave the way for the likes of Freeview HD.

From lunchtime onwards, people should retune their boxes (which will probably be a simple as clicking a button) in order to keep receiving Five and some other digital channels.

The changes are being brought so that Five is as available as the other major terrestrial channels in the UK and also as a major reorganisation ahead of the forthcoming roll out of Freeview HD.


A special website at has been set up to explain why and how you should go through the process.

"On Wednesday 30 September improvements are being made to the Freeview service to pave the way for the digital TV switchover," explains the site.

"You will need to re-tune your Freeview TV or box (including BT Vision and Top Up TV) from lunchtime onwards to ensure you continue to receive your available channels, including Channel Five."

There is also a handy list of manufacturers helplines if you run into trouble.