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Twitter rolls out downloadable tweets archive

Downloaded for posterity

If you've ever wanted to look back through your tweeting history on your desktop, now's your chance.

Twitter has started rolling out a new feature called tweet download, and it lets you do just that. The feature lets you store your missives as a ZIP file with a browsing page that shows activity for every month in every year your account has been active.

The feature was road-tested over the weekend.

Searching your tweet history

So why would you want to download your old tweets? Well you can search through them, see what you retweeted, and pick out certain hashtags. You can view your tweets by month, and retweet old messages if you think they're still relevant. Or they just happen to tickle you.

To try it out, head to the bottom of the Settings page. Click 'Request your archive', and you'll get an email when it's ready for downloading. The feature is only rolling out to English language accounts at the moment though. The rest of the rollout will be "over the coming weeks and months," according to Twitter.

Earlier today, the microblogging service announced it had more than 200 million monthly active users. "You are the pulse of the planet," it tweeted. "We're grateful for your ongoing support!"

Via SlashGear