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Nokia smartwatch is flexing its way to a late 2014 release, apparently

Nokia smartwatch is flexing its way to a late 2014 release, apparently
Will Nokia choose to go with or without camera in its smartwatch?

It's been a bit quiet on the Nokia smartwatch front as of late but one tipster has dropped some tidbits of info just in time for Christmas.

This source, speaking to NokiaPowerUser, has reported that Nokia's watch will arrive in Q3 2014, but is said to be completely separate from the handset division that Microsoft acquired this year.

As for design and features, the device will supposedly pack in a bunch of elements we've seen Nokia play with in the past, such as its bendy Kinetic technology, and Nokia Morph, which would let a device change shape to perform different functions.

A-wrist-ed development

Heading up the watch's development is Axel Meyer, head of Emerging Devices, and Peter Skillman, head of design for Nokia's HERE business and mobile phones.

2014 is going to be big on smartwatches by the looks of things. Apple's iWatch is also tipped for October 2014, and Samsung looks set for its Galaxy Gear fitness follow-up.

Take it all with a responsible amount of salt for now, but Nokia's watch could be on our wrists this time next year. In the meantime, here's that Kinetic technology in action.

Hugh Langley

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