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LG's Google Glass rival wants video to follow you around the room

LG is looking to move further in on the head-mounted display action, patenting a device that promises you'll never lose sight of your video again.

Google Glass is more about offering convenient day-to-day functions than video content, so LG is looking to step in and fill that gap. Its patented glasses-style HMD will display content from an external device such as a tablet even when you're looking away.

The HMD will be dormant when you're watching video, but when you turn your head the content will appear in your lenses, following your view wherever it goes.


According to the patent, which was published on the trusty USPTO website, the pause during the transition will be minimal and wearers will feel a buzz as the content jumps from device to glasses.

Plenty of patents for head-mounted displays already exist, but we can see that LG's idea could have a fair amount of potential for passive 3D viewing if it ever comes to fruition.

Via Engadget