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Toshiba A100F: 100GB storage, 60fps recording

Toshiba has announced in Japan what it calls the world's smallest Full HD camcorder with a built-in hard disk drive.

Toshiba 100GB Gigashot A100F camcorder

Measuring just 78.1 x 135.4 x 79mm, the Toshiba 100GB Gigashot A100F camcorder features a shock-mounted, 1.8-inch 100GB disk. The A100F also houses a 3-inch LCD screen, 10x optical zoom, HDMI and component out, and USB linkup with your computer.

There's a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor as well for taking 2-megapixel stills or 1920 x 1080 recordings at 60fps - to which you'll be able to add 16bit/48kHz Dolby digital stereo audio at a 384kbps bit rate. That works out to around 12 hours of continuous MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 formatted video at the highest quality setting, or about 23 hours in standard mode.

Gigashot K series

Toshiba also announced the Gigashot K series which shoots 720p video and 0.92-megapixel still photos onto its maximum 80GB disk.

The high-end Toshiba 100GB Gigashot A100F camcorder goes on sale in Japan in mid-November for ¥188,000 (£817). The lower-end K series goes on sale at the end of October starting at ¥108,000 (£469) - no word on if or when they'll surface in Europe, though.