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Samsung: Jet is better than the iPhone

The Samsung panel at the new Jet launch
The Samsung panel at the new Jet launch

Samsung used the launch of its new Jet phone to tell the world that it believes its new proposition, the Jet, is better than the iPhone.

In a Q&A session with the media, Samsung MD for UK and Ireland Derek Williamson said he considered the new Jet phone, which is not a smartphone, to be something consumers would be more interested in than Apple's iPhone.

"In terms of this device, which you'll see the proof of when you get your hands on it, [we believe] it's a superior product than the iPhone, due to the brilliance of the [AMOLED] screen, and the faster processor speed.

"We're very proud of this device."

The sentiment was echoed by DJ Lee, head of sales and marketing for Samsung Global:

"[The Jet has] unique features, and naturally in a field like the mobile industry when you release this kind of product it will be compared to others. However, we believe that with our uniqueness, it will be successful.

Samsung's app store

Lee also announced that Samsung would have an app store to rival the likes of Nokia and Apple in the near future.

"Currently Samsung does not have an open source platform, so we cannot broadly supply applications for the Jet, although we have online widgets.

At the same time, ww are working internallyt to have something [like the Nokia Ovi Store] in the near future, our own service at Samsung, so wait and see to find out a little more."

Gareth Beavis

Global Editor-in-Chief

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