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Samsung confirms 1.2GHz dual-core Galaxy S2 for UK

1.2GHz Galaxy S2 coming to the UK
1.2GHz Galaxy S2 coming to the UK

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that the Samsung Galaxy S2 handset will feature 1.2GHz dual-core CPUs in the UK.

Samsung's Estonian Facebook page confirmed the upgraded specs yesterday, but it was mooted that the faster chipset might only be for certain portions of Europe.

However, TechRadar spoke to Samsung UK and it told us that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be launching with the 1.2GHz option.


We weren't able to get confirmation over whether it would be Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor or Samsung's own on board at launch, so we'd assume the latter for now.

The upgraded chipset won't mean too much at launch, as there won't be many (if any) applications to take advantage of the power, and the internal operation is already pretty snappy in the current hardware iteration.

Samsung is likely using this upgrade to help maintain its claim to the 'most powerful smartphone on the market' as well as future proofing it over the course of the two year contracts users will have to take out.

TechRadar wasn't able to discern an exact Samsung Galaxy S2 UK release date, with our source only confirming the device was still on for an April launch 'in Europe'.

We've got our full Samsung Galaxy S2 review coming very soon - keep an eye out for that one, as it features a video of us trying to review it while on a powerboat bouncing across the Thames.

Gareth Beavis

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