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Rollable phone snapped in concept shots

The Conduit concept phone
The Conduit concept phone

A new phone, featuring a rollable colour screen and a detachable pen, has been shown in pictures for the first time as part of a project between Innovative Verve and Sky/Pantech, a Korean mobile phone company.

The Conduit looks like the product of an unholy union between a set of pan pipes, a banana and a Samsung phone, with three curved tubes making the basis of the model in standby mode.

There's a small screen and keypad for typing, but the most exciting part comes when the third 'pipe' is detached. The two remaining then pull apart to reveal a colour screen, which can be controlled with the third section as a wireless mouse / stylus.


Using an accelerometer, the third section can switch between being a slim version of the big phone to a stylus, which can recognise handwriting and transfer it by Bluetooth to a PC, where it's converted to text.

The main phone houses a camera, a touch-sensitive scroll pad and a mini speaker too, as the Korean model makers required a complete feature list.

To be honest, we could then make up a whole host of features that reside within its golden shell, like the ability to charge via the sun or control all rodents within the vicinity, as it's just a concept at the moment.

And that looks set to stay that way given there don't seem to be any plans to bring the unit into production, especially not all the way over here in Europe. But still, we can dream, eh?

From Innovative Verve via Dvice