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Photo of HTC Proto leaks

HTC Proto
Could Proto be ready for primetime?

TechRadar caught wind of a new HTC phone coming down the pipes a few weeks ago, but we didn't know much about the device except its placeholder name - "Proto" - and a few specifications.

Now, thanks to a leaked image, we might actually know what this thing is going to look like.

With a matte black frame and ample 4-inch screen, the Proto in many ways resembles the company's One V, though this model doesn't have that phone's protruding "chin," giving it a more seamless look.

One V redux

When TechRadar got a hold of the Proto's leaked specs, we learned it will likely run a dual-core 1GHz, contain 512MB of RAM and feature the aforementioned 4-inch WVGA SLCD screen.

Four gigabytes of internal storage and a 5MP camera round out the Proto's proposed features. While the Proto will probably get its own flare and flavor, these specs point to a phone inline with the One V.

Bottom of Proto

A Beats Audio stamp tells much about this phone (Credit: The Verge)

Thanks to this image, we know for sure it will carry Beats Audio music technology in its 9.62mm thick body.

Can we expect to see the Proto pronounced at the IFA tech show, which kicks off next week in Berlin? Or are we looking at a phantom of a phone not quite ready for primetime?

Via The Verge

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