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Palm announces its next phone - the Pixi

The new Palm Pixi
The new Palm Pixi

Palm has announced the next generation of mobile phone using its webOS system - the Pixi.

Only announced for the US at the moment, the Pixi is a Treo-style mobile with a full QWERTY keyboard (with similar buttons to the Pre).

It features a 2.63-inch touchscreen with multi-touch once more (ha to YOU Apple), and while it sports 3G, it bizarrely has shunned Wi-Fi.

An underpowered 2MP camera has been welded to the back of the forthcoming Palm Pixi (with flash though), although there is space for a 3.5mm jack, GPS and a full 8GB of memory.


But at the end of the day, Palm wants to build an ecosystem around the excellent webOS, meaning users will get cool multi-tasking, linked conversations and sweet pinch and zoom functionality.

We actually saw a leak of the Pixi a few months back, so we're pretty amazed to see it's kept the codename that was leaked with it.

Considering it took Palm three months to announce a release date for the Pre, and then another three to let the UK know when it will be getting it, we've absolutely no idea on a UK release date.

But given the Palm Pre is being unveiled in the next few months, could we see a major shock and get the Palm Pixi too? OK, it's unlikely... but we like to dream.

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