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Nokia C3: budget-friendly smartphone outed

Nokia C3 - for all the text pests
Nokia C3 - for all the text pests

Nokia has announced its latest Symbian S40 smartphone to enter the mobile market, the entry-level C3.

The Nokia C3 is primed for those who love getting flirty with QWERTY. It's the first S40 device to offer a full QWERTY keyboard and is one which is also friends with your social networks.

Nokia really wants you to text on this device, offering one-click access to Nokia Messaging and the ability to talk and text at the same time.

To access IMs like MSN Messenger, there's a Communities app of the home screen.

Feature focus

With style trappings not too dissimilar to the E72, there's a 2.4-inch QVGA display, alongside an FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack and 2MP camera complete with 4x zoom.

Connectivity-wise, you are looking at WLAN, 3G, Bluetooth and the ability to have up to 8GB storage.

When it comes to colours, you have the choice of Golden White, Slate Grey and the oh-so macho Hot Pink.

The Nokia C3's UK release date and pricing are still to be annouced, but expect the handset to come out late April, early May.

Marc Chacksfield

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