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LG Optimus G2 confirmed and set to do battle with Galaxy S4

LG Optimus G2 confirmed and set to do battle with Galaxy S4
LG Optimus G2, it's not like a G6

LG has confirmed that its next flagship device will be the Optimus G2 - something which was teased at its MWC press event, although the name itself wasn't mentioned.

Speaking to Trusted Reviews, LG's Head of Mobile Communication for Europe, Won Kim revealed, "The LG Optimus G2 is coming in Q3."

It seems LG isn't keen on giving anything else away, with Kim saying, "We don't want to hide everything but similarly we don't want to promote everything about the G2 in advance.

"To some extent we have to tease the features and specifications through channels, it is somewhat premature for me to talk about the G2 in terms of specifications.

Around the world

"[The] G2 is going to be something different, something unique and we have needed to be very creative."

LG has shied away from launching its high-end handsets on a global scale, with the Optimus G only getting into more markets in the past few months and the Optimus G Pro is currently only available in a limited number of regions.

Kim was able to confirm the LG Optimus G2 would make its way to the UK and a number of other global markets, although it may arrive under a different name with a company spokesperson saying, "We haven't made a final decision on naming."

There's a fierce rivalry between LG and its Korean counterpart Samsung, and the Optimus G2 is apparently set to do battle with the Galaxy S4 as well as the iPhone 5 - and we'd assume the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z too.

We will be keeping close tabs on LG and the Optimus G2 to see if this is the handset to propel the Korean firm back into the high-end smartphone mix.

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