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HTC Bravo given Q2 2010 UK release date

HTC Bravo shown off in lovely new pic
HTC Bravo shown off in lovely new pic

HTC's latest and greatest (unconfirmed) handset - the Bravo - has been shown off in more complete pictures, and given a UK release date.

The phone, which has been dubbed the Passion in the US, was outed as part of the leaked roadmap yesterday, and has now taken another step closer to reality.

The Bravo will take a similar form to the HTC HD2, with a similar 1GHz Snapdragon processor powering the Android 2.1 OS.

OLED olé!

The screen might be a little smaller than the bigger Windows Mobile brother at 3.7 inches, but it's packing OLED technology for the best possible screen quality.

It also has a pretty big battery because - and here's the latest thing set to rock mobiles in 2010 we reckon - it will be capable of recording 720p video footage as well as rocking a 5MP camera with autofocus.

Let's be honest though - we won't hold our breath on this aspect, as HTC's cameras haven't been the kicking it with the best in the industry in recent tests.

Still Android + all the best features + a top-end processor has to equal a phone we'll all love to play with - and we're very upset that apparently the US will be getting it months ahead of us.

Via Engadget and blog

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