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EE just dropped the biggest hint the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack

iPhone 7

Rumor has it Apple is ready to drop the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – and the UK's largest mobile network has announced a new scheme, which hints it may be the case.

EE has launched its new Add To Plan scheme that allows you to link audio accessories to your contract and pay them off over an 11 month period.

It means you can buy wireless Bluetooth headphones from £3 a month. EE will never charge over the RRP of the device, it's just spreading the cost over the best part of a year.

The scheme includes top selling brands such as Beats, B&O Play as well as Skull Candy headphones.

Hint, hint

It makes sense to start this scheme just before Apple announces it won't have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and we'd expect EE to have prior knowledge of the announcement.

Rumors suggest your new phone will come with a pair of wireless earbuds, but this scheme with EE will allow you to buy a high quality pair of headphones to use with the phone.

Add To Plan won't just work with headphones though – fitness trackers, smartwatches and VR headsets will also be included within the scheme.

You'll need to start a new 24 month contract with EE to make use of the deal and you will have to live in the UK.

EE is certain to be stocking the iPhone 7, but be sure to come back at 10:00 PDT, 13.00 EDT (18:00 BST in the UK, 03:00 Thursday September 8 AEST if you're in Australia) to find out everything you need to know about the iPhone 7.

James Peckham

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