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BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia phones

The Nokia N96 - comes with BBC iPlayer
The Nokia N96 - comes with BBC iPlayer

Nokia and BBC have announced a partnership deal that will allow users to watch the iPlayer on the Finns' mobile phones.

From 1 October this year, Nokia N96 owners will be able to watch all the programming over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Considering this is the release date of the handset as well, it's a pretty big selling point for the official vendors.

The iPlayer will be available via an application downloaded to the phone, though will come pre-loaded on most N96s.

Raise the bar

Simon Ainslie, Managing Director at Nokia, said: "The Nokia N96 is going to provide a gateway to quality viewing on the move and will raise the bar for mobile screen and audio entertainment.

"The enormous success of iPlayer has demonstrated the desire audiences have for accessing programmes at a time and a place that suits them."

Erik Huggers, BBC Director of Future Media and Technology, said: "Over the past eight months we have worked tirelessly to ensure BBC iPlayer is available on as many platforms as possible, from the PC and TV to games consoles and mobiles.

"This partnership is critical to ensuring we continue to reach out to audiences wherever they are and allow them to catch-up on their favourite BBC programmes."

The iPlayer is unlikely to use any data from a data plan, as the BBC has pledged to make all its mobile services exempt from such charges.