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Nokia chief: No exact plan for tablets

"Nokia chief: No exact plan for tablets
No tablets on the table yet, says Nokia

In a surprisingly candid interview, Nokia chief Stephen Elop has admitted that the company has no solid plans for tablets.

There's been much rumour and speculation about when Nokia will launch into the tablet market and even Elop mentioned back in November that "there's a new tablet opportunity coming."

But, in his latest interview, it seems that there's no plans as of yet to enter the tablet market.

Perhaps, one day

"Nokia does not have an exact plan, but we are studying the markets carefully," Elop explained to Finnish TV station YLE. "Perhaps we will come [to market] one day."

Given the state of the tablet market at the moment – with Apple dominating and only Samsung and Asus making any real ground in the Android tablet sector – it may not be such a bad thing that Nokia is biding its time.

When Nokia does decide to release a tablet, it will be interesting to see what OS will be on board.

While it makes sense the company sticks with Windows, Nokia did reveal earlier this year that its relationship with Microsoft didn't necessarily extend to tablets.

Via Phone Arena