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Microsoft may be working on own Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft - tablet envy
Microsoft - tablet envy

New rumours suggest that Microsoft is working on an own-brand tablet to launch running Windows 8.

The speculation comes from Taipei, with sources claiming that the tablet will make use of a Texas Instruments chip and will launch by the end of 2012.

Digitimes, which first published the rumour, claims its sources say that Microsoft is also looking to launch a tablet brand, as it did in gaming with the Xbox.


Microsoft officially revealed Windows 8 just last week, showing off a very Windows Phone-esque UI, although the software is intended for desktops as well as mobile computing.

The OS itself is scheduled for a 2012 release date, so it's not outside of the realms of possibility that we'll see a Microsoft tablet hit the shelves in the same year.

But with the company hoping to avoid a car crash like its ill-fated Kin line and keep other manufacturers sweet, would a Microsoft-made tablet really work?

We think not. There's no reason for Microsoft to jeopardise all its existing OEM relationships that bring in buckets of cash to make a relatively tiny income (even at best) from an own-brand tablet. If Microsoft does release a branded tablet next year, we'll eat our collective hat.

Via Digitimes