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LinkedIn Stories now available in India; here's how to use them

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Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn – all of these social media platforms and chat applications have one thing in common – Stories. These stories are in the form of a video, text or images and have a shelf life of 24-hours.

While the Twitter version of stories is called Fleets, LinkedIn has also joined the bandwagon by introducing shareable stories on the platform. The idea behind these stories is to help users share their professional moments with the community and probably lighten up the mood during the already stressful times thanks to the pandemic-led job cuts or stressful environment.

With the India launch, LinkedIn stories are now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, UAE, and the US. Like the above-mentioned platforms, stories on LinkedIn also expire automatically within 24 hours and allows users to post photos or up to maximum 20-second long videos. Users can also directly record a quick video using the smartphone camera to share it as a story.

To add a bit more masala to the story-telling experience, LinkedIn is also introducing localized stickers like - Auto Rickshaw, Jugaad, Chai-Time, Cricket and Yoga. There is also an India sticker, that can be used to highlight your location. 

In case you’re now interested to increase the excitement level of your job-hunt or share quickly updated around your work life, do give this article a rest till the end to understand how to post stories on your LinkedIn profile.

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Here’s how you can post Stories on LinkedIn

Update the app: Before you even try to post a story make sure that the LinkedIn app on your phone is updated to the latest version. The new feature has been made available on both Android and iOS applications, hence head on to the relevant app repositories and update the application. In case, the app is updated and you aren’t able to spot the feature then don’t fret, these updates are generally rolled out in a staggered manner and you’d also get it soon.

Spot LinkedIn Stories on your home page: Once updated, you’ll find the Plus icon (+) next to the bubble-shaped profile picture right above the feed. You can also find stories shared by other users in this top bar. Tap the Plus (+) icon

Shoot videos or images:  The next screen allows you to record video or shoot images. To do so, you can click the shutter button from the bottom menu. Additionally, you can also choose videos and images from the gallery by tapping the image button on the extreme left. Remember you can only add videos of maximum 20-seconds in length.

Personalize the story: Next you can add stickers or location to your Story and personalize it before sharing it with your connections. Adding stickers based on the theme of the Story or content will always help to build up the context.

Share it now: Once you're done adding the stickers, you can make it public by clicking on “Share Story” at the bottom right. In case you want to add more stories, you can simply visit the homepage of your profile, tap the Plus (+) icon and repeat all the steps.

Interestingly, LinkedIn will also offer insights around the analytics of the Stories letting you assess their performance and reach. It will also let you tag your connections in the story and allow them to react or respond to your Stories.

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