LinkedIn makes push into virtual events

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LinkedIn has announced a move into the virtual events space with the launch of several new services.

The company is merging its Events and LinkedIn Live features into a new offering called Virtual Events, aimed at making it easier for companies to hold live events online.

The move will allow companies to limit live events to audiences that have opted in to attend while the relevant event discussions or any additional information can still remain on a dedicated page. Organisations will have an option to continue the conversation even after the event is over with the help of the videos tab.

Additionally, LinkedIn is also introducing a new Polls feature for individual customers and companies with an aim to increase engagement and get feedback directly from users. 

Each poll will have up to four options and can stay live from 24 hours to two weeks, and can include hashtags in order to leverage the reach of these polls.

Virtual Events

“This integration between LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events helps companies to host live, real-time events in a trusted environment, attract the right professional audiences, drive strong reach and engagement, and get more mileage for their events with a dedicated hub for videos of the event on their Pages," LinkedIn said in a statement.

The company noted that its Live solution is driving massive engagement for organisations already, with as much as 23 times more comments and a 6- fold increase in the reactions. 

LinkedIn says that 45% of senior executives favour virtual events, a finding backed by almost 82% of users who claimed to prefer live events over regular social media posts.

While virtual events are the need of the hour and many companies are coming out with new solutions to cater to the increased demand, LinkedIn’s Virtual Event tool may compete directly with its parent company Microsoft’s Teams and Skype.

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