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5 upcoming WhatsApp features that will make your life easy

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WhatsApp is one of the most preferred messaging apps globally. Over 2 billion users from all over the world use this as their primary mode of textual communication regularly, hence it becomes imperative for the company to keep innovating and add as many features as possible to improve the user experience.

It is now reported that the Facebook-led chat application is testing a slew of features with the beta testers. These features will help users stay away from annoying messages from chat groups that they just can’t quit, multi-device support and some changes in the UI. Here’s a quick look at the upcoming features of WhatsApp.

Always Mute

While you can mute any group that you’re a part of, however, the maximum you can do so is one year. So, if you have muted a few groups on any given day, exactly a year later you’ll find your WhatsApp flooded with notification. Now WhatsApp is testing a new feature known as “Always Mute” where you’ll be able to mute the alerts from a group forever. If you’re one of this who feel pestered with unending alerts from a family or an office group, you’ll soon be able to turn them off for good.

Multi-Device Support

Probably the most vociferously demanded feature that may soon get introduced by WhatsApp. While the company has been reportedly working on this feature since some time already, it is about time Multi-device support will be made available to users. According to reports, users will be able to log into four devices simultaneously without the need of setting up a new account altogether or moving from an old device to a new one.

Users with multiple devices like tablets, phones and computers will be benefitted the most with this feature. Also, theoretically, it will make it easy for users to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa. However, we can only confirm once the feature goes live.

View once feature

Remember Snapchat’s self-destructing messages? WhatsApp has reportedly been working of self-deleting messages as well. Dubbed as View Once, the message will be available for users to see only once and after a user leaves the chatbox, WhatsApp will alert the user that the media/message has expired.

Individual wallpaper for chats

Till now users were able to set a universal wallpaper for their chats and the same wallpaper would show as a background no matter who you chat with. However, WhatsApp will soon let users personalize their chats even more by allowing users to set separate backgrounds or wallpapers to individual chats.

Hide Audio and Video call option

This feature is intended towards the Business WhatsApp users. It is reported that the company is testing a feature where the business users will be able to hide Voice and Video call buttons on their verified accounts from both individual chats or contact info.

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