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Twitter to launch official 'tweet button' this week

Twitter - coming to a website near you
Twitter - coming to a website near you

Twitter is planning to roll out its own official tweet button this week, offering a one-click sharing service that can be easily added to websites.

Although similar buttons are already available for sites, they are created by third-party services. Twitter is hoping that its official button will be the most accurate yet, offering precise numbers of those who have retweeted articles online.

Push the button

Twitter hasn't officially announced the service, but Mashable has got its hands on the code and says it already works, but the retweeting aspect of it hasn't been turned on yet.

Twitter is trying to make it as easy as possible to add the code – it is just one line of Javascript that needs to be added to a web page.

Although an official retweet button was always going to come from Twitter, it will be a blow to the third-party services which already offer this.

But Twitter will be hoping that the extras it is offering – attaching your Twitter account to the button, different looks, default text – will entice websites into using the official version.