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OneDrive wants to become the YouTube of cloud storage

OneDrive's new API

Microsoft has made a big splash in the cloud storage pool by opening up OneDrive to an even wider community of developers through a new API that can be used to integrate the cloud storage service into apps on all the major platforms.

The move means that developers will be able to bring it into their apps to store and manage user data with Windows, the web, Android and iOS all a part of the fun and games brought about by the new RESTful API.

Other features included as part of the update are the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync, resumable uploads of files up to 10GB via file-fragment uploading, and customisable file thumbnail images for a streamlined experience across your app and OneDrive.

The YouTube of storage?

Microsoft's new API has already began to hit a number of its own apps and it's all part of the company's pledge to make the OneDrive platform more accessible to everyone, regardless of the platform they use, and become the YouTube of the storage world for every developer.

Via: Microsoft