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Form a queue for the £53k speaker

"£53,000? I'll take two."

Siltech, the Dutch speaker cable specialist, has launched a revolutionary loudspeaker that's designed to work at optimum levels in all kinds of listening rooms. Its new Pantheon - first unveiled in prototype form at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2007 - aims to combat the room-induced resonances that plague most hi-fi systems.

It does this through the use of what it calls, 'room invariant' design: essentially an 'energy-neutral' cabinet system that is patent pending.

Predictive engineering

Siltech engineers have created the room invariant design with what's known as 'predictive engineering' using Comsol computer design software. The result is a colossal speaker of epic proportions: Pantheon stands at 1.59 metres tall and weighs an incredible 380kg.

The speaker is dominated by a massive 400mm (16-inch) bass driver, housed in its own separate cabinet. A second driver is mounted behind the first, also in a special 'cascaded loading system'. In a further separate cabinet is a 180mm (seven-inch) midrange unit, which is joined by a distinctive 48 x 12cm high-sensitivity electrostatic panel to deliver the treble.­­

But be quick, this loudspeaker tour de force is limited to only 39 pairs. The price? 75,000 euros (£53,900).