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Russ Andrews to launch mini speaker

Russ Andrews new SP-1 mini speaker

Accessories specialist Russ Andrews has announced details of a loudspeaker to join the company’s compact ‘desktop’ hi-fi range. The new SP-1 speaker has been specifically designed to compliment the firm’s ‘desktop’ mini hi-fi, which currently comprises the HP-1 and PA-1 pre/power amp, and the DAC-1 digital to analogue convertor.

Small wonder

The new SP-1 is based on Focal’s Chorus 705V speaker and is said to have been extensively re-worked to improve performance. A Russ Andrews spokesperson told us the cabinet, crossover and internal wiring had all been given the ‘Russ Andrews treatment’, including a complete rewire with Kimber Kable’s 4PR cable, and the use of high-quality KimberKap capacitors and internal damping modifications.

The mods are said to give a vastly improved sensitivity of 95dB (making them easy to drive with modestly powered amplifiers) and a sound that is, “detailed, dynamic and natural.” The SP-1s will retain the existing Focal drive units – a Polyglass-impregnated paper mid/bass unit and an aluminium/magnesium inverted-dome TNV tweeter – which are said to offer extension to 28KHz and wide dispersion characteristics. Nominal impedance is rated at 8 ohms and nominal power handling is said to be 100 watts.

The SP-1 comes in either black or Amati wood finish, and is priced at £399 per pair.