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Google Daydream finally has a Chrome browser for VR

Google’s Daydream VR platform finally has a dedicated Android app for the Google Chrome browser.

The Daydream platform launched back in 2016, and has been the foundation for a host of both mobile-enabled and standalone VR headsets.

Now, anyone using a standalone Daydream headsets, like the Lenovo Mirage Solo will be able to install Chrome from the Play Store app. 

Those using a mobile VR product like the Daydream View, however, will need to update their Chrome app on their phone before it appears on the headset for use.

The fully-fledged app includes the ability to save bookmarks, navigate using voice search, and even hide your VR browser history in Incognito mode – if that’s something that’s important to you.


Despite being what some might call the most obvious choice for a VR app on a Google-made headset, it’s taken just over 18 months for Google to bring its browser to the Daydream Play Store.

Current Daydream owners may be aware that they could already access the Chrome browser, but that it required opening Chrome on their smartphone before placing in the headset. The new app should hopefully make browsing the web in VR a slightly more practical experience.