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Microsoft Surface flirt-machine installed in casino

Microsoft Surface - the future of pulling?
Microsoft Surface - the future of pulling?

Microsoft follows up on its AT&T Store trials of its Surface computer with a new trial of some rather intriguing new applications in Las Vegas – including flirting, food and drink ordering and gaming apps.

The MS Surface, which features a 30-inch, 360 degree, touch-screen, coffee-table style display, will make its gambling parlour debut at Harrah's casino in Vegas.

Flirt, drink, chat

Harrah’s has also specially developed a suite of "hip" new Surface apps such as a food menu and ‘mixologist’ drink ordering system which also lets you deliver drinks to anybody across the other side of the bar who might catch your eye!

Once you’ve delivered your personalised cocktail to your intended partner/victim you can then chat with them via the MS Surface table in front of you!

Or just play

They have also developed a range of games for the MS Surface to keep drinkers occupied (should they fail to pull!) including High Roller bowling, Dissed multiplayer pickup pinball, and a Last Call musical memory game.

For the full low-down on Microsoft Surface check out TechRadar’s interview with Microsoft Tim Gibbons last year.