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Which is the best music streaming service for you?

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Image Credit: Burst/Pexels (Image credit: Pexels/Burst)

[Image Credit: Burst/Pexels]

There was a time when there was only one or two music streaming services to choose from – or you could just be cheap and rely on YouTube. But when it comes to music streaming these days, we're spoilt by the number of options on offer. 

What makes it even more confusing is that each of the biggest services has something different to offer us that makes them great. But you don't want to pay for each of them every single month just for a few perks – so which music streaming service should you choose? 

Prices, features, exclusives and music quality vary across the options, and, like all things, music streaming services change over time.

What do you do when that one feature you loved six months ago has been replaced to make room for a new, completely unwieldy user interface, causing all the friends you knew who used the service to pack and leave for greener pastures?

In this guide we'll break down each of the major points to help you figure out which one is right for you. If by the end of it you're still confused, don't worry, it's fairly easy to cancel subscriptions these days – you won't be holding onto it for decades. 

We'll be adding more services along the way, but for now here's a rundown of the pros and cons of some of the biggest music streaming services around.