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Airtel is giving away 30GB free 4G data to test their VoLTE network

Airtel is offering 30GB free 4G data to its users in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. These states fall under the list of places where Airtel has rolled out 4G VoLTE services till now. The telco wants its users to contribute to their new VoLTE beta program by providing performance feedback regarding the VoLTE services before its expansion to other circles. 

The free 30GB 4G data is an offering as a part of the VoLTE Beta program to the users interested in participation. The data will be divided across three legs where 10GB will be allotted after downloading and enabling the VoLTE switch, next 10GB will be activated after providing feedback after the fourth week, and the final 10GB will be activated after providing feedback after eight weeks. 

Airtel says that users testing the VoLTE may face network fluctuations, and the beta program may extend to other circles in future.

How to participate in Airtel VoLTE Beta program?

First, you need to be in one of these circles— West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

Second, you must have an Airtel VoLTE compliant smartphone. If you have one, go to Airtel VoLTE beta page on Airtel’s website and register your mobile number. If they find you eligible, you will get an OTP, which has to be entered on the site and confirm your participation in the program. If you are not eligible, you will see a message saying “Hi there! Airtel VoLTE is currently unavailable on your number”. 

Once you are done, your first 10GB will be credited to your mobile number immediately, and you can start testing the network right away. The rest of the data will be credited once you fulfil aforementioned conditions.

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