How to calculate hyperfocal distance: free photography cheat sheet

Setting up hyperfocal distances

Setting up hyperfocal distances: step 1

Make a note
Enter details for camera type, focal length and aperture at the website and make a list of hyperfocal distances of all major zoom settings and apertures you want to use, which you can jot down and keep in your camera bag.

Setting up hyperfocal distances: step 2

Line it up
Mount your camera on a tripod and set your required zoom length, switch to Av mode and dial in your chosen aperture. Line up the base measuring point of the laser measure with the focal plane marker on the camera body, not with the front of the lens.

Setting up hyperfocal distances: step 3

Measure and move
Operate the laser measure to capture the distance to a convenient object. Move closer or further away from the object until the actual distance matches the hyperfocal distance for the zoom setting and aperture combination you've chosen.

Setting up hyperfocal distances: step 4

Lock it off
Using Single Shot, centre-point autofocus, lightly press the shutter to achieve focus. Now switch the lens to Manual Focus mode and take care not to move the focus ring. It's worth locking the zoom and focus rings with gaffa tape before moving the camera.