Game of Thrones season 7: when it's on and how to watch it

The internet is dark and full of spoilers


[Update: It feels like such a long time ago that we were getting geared up to watch Game of Thrones season 7, but we might now know when we'll be able to tune into season 8! In a recent interview with Metro, Maisie Williams said that the first episode of the new season will air in April 2019. Don't doubt that we'll be updating this article with how you can tune in closer to the time!]

Game of Thrones has now returned to screens for its seventh season and that means you need to have a battle - sorry - viewing plan prepared. Episode one has already aired but you can be prepared for the rest. 

Not sure you could cope with jumping straight into the latest episodes after so long away? 

Not to worry, HBO has created a 5 minute season 1 to 6 recap to fill you in on the essentials and you can watch it below:

Being in season 7 means the action is picking up rapidly and it’s safe to say every episode is likely to be unmissable. Especially because as soon as each episode airs, the /internet, your office and maybe even your own home will become spoiler minefields where you won’t feel safe unless you’re up to date with everyone else. 

When do Season 7 episodes air?

That depends on where you are! If you’re in the US, season 7 will air on Sundays at 9 pm EST on HBO. 

In the UK, however, you’ll be watching on Monday evenings at 9 pm BST on Sky Atlantic or Now TV.

We know, you cry, "I watched episode one at 2am, why can't I do that every week?" We wish we could too, but unfortunately though the season premiere was simulcast, the rest of the episodes are not. 

Watching from Australia? It's 8.30 pm EST for you on Monday nights through Foxtel.

Where can you watch it?

Game of Thrones is notorious for being pirated but you’re here so that means you want the highest quality and legality. Below you’ll find all the ways you can watch the Game of Thrones season 7 without resorting to torrents. 

HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now (US only)

HBO makes Game of Thrones so naturally you can watch it through all of its services, including the main HBO channel for TV, the HBO Go apps for various mobile devices and HBO Now (the channel’s Netflix-style streaming service). 

You’ll need a cable subscription to access the main HBO channel and those who have an HBO cable subscription will also have access to HBO Go, the channel’s free streaming service with apps for multiple devices. 

HBO Now is very similar to HBO Go, but it’s paid for on a monthly basis like Netflix and doesn’t require a cable or satellite TV package. HBO Now costs $14.99 per month.

Though HBO Now and Go are streaming services rather than a live TV channels, HBO typically adds new episodes as they broadcast live so you should be able to catch new episodes at the same time as those watching on the main HBO channel. 

Sky (UK only)

HBO isn’t an option for UK Game of Thrones fans but Sky is. A deal between HBO and Sky means that Sky exclusively broadcasts Game of Thrones in the UK on Sky Atlantic. Unfortunately, for the UK, Sky’s broadcast has adverts while HBO in the US doesn’t.

The first episode of season 7 will be simulcast on HBO and Sky Atlantic so UK fans will be able to watch at 2am on July 17. After this, though, the show will return to its usual time slot of 9pm the day after the episode airs in the US which will be each Monday. 

Those subscribed to Sky+ and Sky Q will be able to watch each episode when it airs on Sky Atlantic as well as record them to watch later. They’ll also be able to catch up with Sky’s on-demand service, usually around an hour after initial broadcast.

Catch up and live viewing will also be possible using Sky Go. Sky Go is a free extra that comes with Sky accounts. It allows you to download the Sky Go app to two devices from where you’ll be able to watch live Sky TV or access the catch up service. 

If you pay an extra £5 a month you can upgrade to a Sky Go Extra account which makes it possible to download the app to PS4 and Xbox One and also extends the number of supported devices to four.

If you've been thinking about signing up for a new broadband package, you can usually get a good TV deal bundled in. These are the best Sky broadband and TV deals available right now. 

Now TV 

Not a Sky customer or don’t know anyone that is and would be willing to host you every Monday evening? You could always opt for a Now TV subscription. For £6.99 a month you can purchase a Now TV Entertainment Pass which will give you access to Sky Atlantic live as well as a host of other channels usually only accessible through a TV package.

Now TV also has catch up features so as well as allowing you to watch the episode live, you’ll also be able to watch it again later without adverts. Those who aren’t completely up to date on previous seasons will be glad to know that you can also watch them on Now TV’s catch up service. 

You can watch Now TV on a dedicated Now TV Box, online in a browser, or on a Roku streaming stick. There are also apps available for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4 and select LG Smart TVs. 

Foxtel (Australia only)

As ever, just Foxtel has the exclusive Game of Thrones broadcasting rights in Australia.

Just as in the UK, the first episode of season 7 will be simulcast from the US which means it'll be showing at the fairly inconvenient time of 11 am on Monday July 17, though it will be watchable again at 8.30 pm later that night. 

You can go the full nine yards, get a set top box and subscribe to Foxtel for $46 month after a $100 set up fee. 

However, as with Sky and HBO you can also go for the cheaper and easier option of a subscription streaming service called Foxtel Now which will allow you to watch the show as it airs and then again whenever you please. 

For Game of Thrones specifically you'll only need to subscribe to Foxtel Now's Drama pack which will cost you $15 per month. Foxtel Now is accessible on Telestra TV boxes as well as through a brand new PS4 app