Need last-minute gift ideas? These night sky projectors are the perfect presents to light up the holidays

star projector gift guide
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Star projectors have become super popular in the last couple of years. These fun little light projectors, many of which are very affordable and some with app or smart home support, make the perfect gifts for pretty much everyone, no matter their age.

These light projectors, also called galaxy or nebula projectors, basically project light-based images, usually of stars, galaxies, and nebulas, as the name suggests. They're similar to planetarium projectors, except smaller and cheaper.

While they seem at first glance to be novelty items, they've got a lot of uses. They're great as night or storytime lights for kids, for parties, to set the mood for yoga or meditation, to offer a more immersive experience when you're gaming or watching a movie, and to add a touch of atmosphere to your holiday decorations. You can even use them for art installations, events, and film screenings.

I love using my smart galaxy projector alongside my smart light panels and smart string lights in my living room, and I've gotten a lot of compliments from friends. And I use my setup every day.

If you're out of Christmas gift ideas and pressed for time, my picks below make for great last-minute gifts for your loved ones and friends. 

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