Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 just got a big free upgrade – here's what's new

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Image credit: Future / Srivatsa Ramesh)

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are getting substantial upgrades as Samsung continues rolling out the One UI 5 patch.

This update is coming a week after it arrived on the Galaxy Watch 5 series, and like before, it’s just as big. Watch 4 owners are getting over 20 new features covering a variety of functions The changelogs for both devices can be found on the tech giant’s official website. The two wearables will receive the exact same patch. There will be no difference between either one so don’t worry about missing out if you own just one.

Because there’s a lot to cover, we’re just going to focus on the more notable changes. For instance, the sleep coach on the Samsung Health app will now display a more detailed result screen. The extra information, according to the company, will make it “easier to understand” your personal sleep habits. It’ll even offer recommendations right on the watch face instead of your phone screen. 

Additionally, people will be able to create their own workout on their wearable if they can’t find one that fits them, and the Galaxy Watch 4 will, with the update, track your heart during jogs to “help you manage your exercise intensity.”

Quality of life upgrade

Within the patch are some nice quality-of-life changes, enhancing the Galaxy Watch 4’s usability. 

Universal gestures are being implemented giving users a way to control their smartwatch without having to touch the screen. Moving forward, you can “assign various actions" to specific hand movements like shaking your wrist or making a fist. Plus, a new Battery tile has been added to let you check the battery life of other connected devices like your Galaxy Buds.

Phone controls have improved allowing people to take pictures using their mobile device's camera via smartwatch. Samsung states a camera icon will pop up at the ”bottom of your watch face.” Tapping it grants access to the smartphone lens. This feature is, however, limited to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. They must also be in their respective Flex or Tent mode.


Other notable features include on-device folders for better organization as well as the ability to pair your watch to another phone without needing a factory reset. Your collection of watches faces and apps will remain untouched.

Online reports claim the update is currently making its way to Galaxy Watch 4 users in the United States.  It’s unknown if Samsung plans on expanding the release to other countries; however, we did ask. This story will be updated at a later time. 

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