OnePlus teases the OnePlus Watch 2, promises to 'do it right' this time

OnePlus Watch 2
The OnePlus Watch 2 trailer (Image credit: OnePlus)

It looks like the OnePlus Watch 2 is official, more or less: OnePlus has revealed a teaser image of what looks very much like a smartwatch, along with a tagline announcing that "it's time, to do it right!".

You can check out the teaser yourself on the OnePlus Community forums (via Android Authority). It's actually a prompt for a competition that OnePlus is running, with forum members encouraged to post wrong answers only about what the device could be.

We're not privy to the conversations inside the OnePlus marketing department, but that tagline could well be a reference to the rather lukewarm reception that the original OnePlus Watch received when it was launched back in 2021.

While we gave the smartwatch four stars out of five in our OnePlus Watch review, there were complaints over the accuracy of its activity tracking and GPS readings, as well as the lack of third-party apps and features such as mobile payment support.

What to expect

OnePlus Watch

The original OnePlus Watch (Image credit: OnePlus)

Aside from a commitment to put out an improved smartwatch, and a glimpse at a possible design, the teaser doesn't really reveal any details about what the OnePlus Watch 2 will bring with it – such as the specs, features, and software we can expect.

Previous rumors have pointed to a launch sometime in 2024, as well as a larger screen, and the adoption of Wear OS 4 (or maybe Wear OS 5). Making use of Google's latest wearable software should help with the app problems the original device had, at least.

What the first OnePlus Watch certainly had in its favor was its price: it went on sale for $159 / £149, and given the traditions of OnePlus it's likely that the upcoming OnePlus Watch 2 is also going to come in at an affordable level.

That should help it compete in a busy market, against the likes of the Apple Watch 9, the Google Pixel Watch 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. As soon as we hear more about what the OnePlus Watch 2 is set to offer, we'll let you know.

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