This smart mattress uses AI to adjust your sleep setup and warn users about potential health problems

The DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress on the beach
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What if you could combine your best mattress with your sleep tracker? And then, what if you could combine that with an AI assistant, and perhaps an AI doctor as well? Presumably, that was the line of thinking behind the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress. Honored with an Innovation Award at CES 2024, this smart mattress is so packed full of features you can hardly imagine it also contains a comfortable night's sleep.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the DeRUCCI T11 is its diagnosing capabilities. The DeRUCCI analyzes your sleep habits, alongside your geographical location, age, and any relevant information from connected smart devices, to provide AI-generated warnings of potential chronic health issues. However, DeRUCCI doesn't provide much information about how it will come to these conclusions, nor the kind of condition it might be able to diagnose. While I'd assume it would stick to primarily sleep-based disorders, there's a chance this mattress might be able to give you a full health run-down.

I have to admit, I'm wary of the diagnosing capabilities. While I would trust a smart mattress to alert me to sleep issues, other health problems seem outside its diagnostic capabilities. And although sleep does play a key role in wellbeing, a mattress can't replace a doctor.

A DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress in a bedroom, connected to a smart light and air conditioner

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The diagnostic claims might raise my eyebrows, but the rest of the design simply piques my interest. There are 23 AI sensors packed into the DeRUCCI T11, monitoring your sleep to deliver results both in real-time and the next morning. As you sleep, the sensors adjust the bed via a series of airbags and support materials. It sounds strange, but it essentially means the mattress can move beneath you to adapt comfortably to your sleep position. And when you wake up, the AI will provide you with a detailed report on how you slept, plus actionable advice for the next night.

A man lying on the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress, above him is a series of projections showing is health information

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It isn't just the mattress itself that the AI is capable of controlling. The DeRUCCI T11 can sync with other IoT smart home devices to adjust the lighting, room temperature, and even change the smell of your bedroom (if you have a smart diffuser, that is).

Wherever you land on a diagnosing mattress, right now, you can only try it out in China. The DeRUCCI T11 smart mattress isn't set for release in the US until at least July 2024. On the bright side, that gives you plenty of time to start saving – it's priced at $8,250. 

A graphic showing a women lying on the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress, with visuals showing how the mattress would adapt to her sleep position by adjusting the inner materials

(Image credit: DeRUCCI)

The high price tag isn't exactly a surprise (the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover is $2,195 for a queen, and has significantly fewer capabilities) and with the amount of features packed into the mattress, it's hard to imagine it won't deliver a high quality performance. Still, that's a steep price to pay, and if you don't already have a smart home, you'll lose a significant amount of capability. But if you want a mattress than can adjust comfort as you sleep and potentially provide chronic health warnings in the morning, it might be worth the investment.

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