Fitbit and Pixel Watch users can get 2 free SoulCycle spin class passes – here's how

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Fitbit and Pixel Watch users in the US are in luck, as Google has partnered up with spin class chain SoulCycle to offer two free passes to the famous fitness class – one for you and one for a friend.

If you attend a SoulCycle class in a participating studio between January 22 and January 28, you’ll be automatically gifted the passes if you come to class showing off your best Fitbit, Google Pixel Watch, or Google Pixel Watch 2. You’ll have to book a class beforehand in order to get the complimentary pass, so you’re effectively getting three entries (two for you and one for a friend) for the price of one. 

In addition, if you use that complimentary pass in a Fitbit Theme Ride from January 29 to February 4, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a Fitbit Charge 6. The full details of the competition, as well as the complimentary pass offer, can be found on the SoulCycle website

However one of the stipulations is that if you’re four minutes late, you’re no longer eligible for the prize draw - so get there early!

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A spin class set to pounding music with universally photogenic instructors, SoulCycle was famously embraced by celebrities pre-COVID; tabloids in the 2010s were publishing stories about everyone from David Beckham to Beyonce Knowles attending their local SoulCycle studios.

But while interest in fitness classes has surged post-COVID, the fitness studio has yet to reclaim its pre-pandemic stranglehold on the fitness scene. Conversely, interest for home spin classes such as Peloton has waned in favor of a return to studio classes, although we determined Peloton still holds value to its users with its diversification into treadmills and rowing.

There appears to be no restriction on which Fitbit or Pixel Watch you can use to get the free passes, so in theory, you could dig out that ancient Fitbit Flex from your bedside drawer and score a couple of free classes that way.

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