PS5 restock at Walmart sells out - here's where to get a console next

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Update: The latest PS5 restock at Walmart has now sold out. On April 20 the PlayStation Direct store will also hold its next restock from 2pm ET. If you've registered your details in the past you should check your email to see if you've been sent an exclusive invite.

The next PS5 restock will take place at Walmart today from 12pm ET / 9am PT. That's over a month after the console was last available at the retailer. As with previous events, the PS5 will be available to buy exclusively for Walmart+ members.

You can sign up for a month of Walmart+ today for $12.95 - or get a whole year of membership for $89. Unfortunately, a free trial membership will not get you access to this latest PS5 restock as it's limited to paid members only. You can cancel it immediately after, but if you keep your membership going you get other benefits including access to more exclusive sales, free shipping and discounted fuel prices.

It's a frustrating restriction, but the Walmart+ requirement has been in place for a while now as a way to deal with the sheer demand for a PS5 and to prevent scalpers from hoovering up the consoles to resell. Not a member yet? You can sign up for a membership above and then follow the link to the PS5 once the restock begins later this morning.

PS5 restock at Walmart (from 12pm ET)

Sign up to Walmart+ for $12.95

Sign up to Walmart+ for $12.95
You need a Walmart+ membership to get access to the retailer's next PS5 restock later today. Consoles will almost certainly sell out during this early access period so you need to be a member to have the best chance of getting one. Unfortunately, a free trial doesn't count, but you can cancel it immediately after securing a console or keep your membership benefits including exclusive sale access, free shipping and discounted fuel prices.

PS5: $499 at Walmart

PS5: $499 at Walmart
The PS5 will be available today at Walmart from 12pm ET / 9am PT but will only be available to buy if you're a Walmart+ member. Even with this requirement, we're sure the console will sell out incredibly quickly, so you need to be ready with the add to cart button as soon as this PS5 restock gets underway.

With all the key information out of the way, we thought it'd also be useful to give you our top tips so you have the best chance of getting a console today. 

First, definitely ensure your Walmart+ membership is stored well ahead of time. Attempting to sign up as we get closer to the PS5 restock will be a challenge as the stress on the site increases. You should also log in before the restock time, too, as this removes another step that could slow you down. Lastly, have the PS5 store page that we've linked above open so it's ready to be refreshed right on time. Another potential helpful trick is to pay using PayPal, as this will take you off Walmart's busy payment servers and decrease the chance of running into errors during the processing stage.

With all that preparation, we hope you're successful today. If you are, definitely check out some cheap PS5 games or one of today's PlayStation Plus deals to go with it and make the most of your new console.

If it doesn't go to plan, don't fret, there will be more PS5 restocks in the future. Availability is getting better each month but you still need to be ready for each restock. To make sure you don't miss out on the next one, do check out our hubs dedicated to where to buy the PS5 and where to buy the Xbox Series X for all the retailers to follow.

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