The best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases

Samsung Galaxy S10
Image credit: TechRadar

Samsung has released its next flagship, the Galaxy S10, and it’s coming soon. Plenty of fans are ready to pick up the brand-new flagship when it goes on sale on March TK packing the latest specs - and when they do, they should buy a case to keep their fancy phone safe from scratches and drops.

Of course, cases offer more than just protection, and some are pretty stylish, too. If you want, you can pick up a cover with wallet slots for cards and cash, while others even pack extra battery. All should keep your handset safe from casual scrapes and short falls, but only the more hardcore cases will protect against serious drops.

If you’re looking to guard your investment, here are cases for the Samsung S10 on the market right now. We haven’t tested them all, especially so soon after the phone has come out, but we’ve made a list of the ones we’re most interested in made by trusted brands. In general, we’ve ranked these from cheapest to priciest.

Also keep in mind that these are sized for the standard Galaxy S10. If you’d like one for the S10e, S10 Plus or the upcoming S10 5G, check retailers for a specific version of the case sized for your model.

Image credit: Spigen / Amazon

Image credit: Spigen / Amazon

(Image: © Image credit: Spigen / Amazon)

Spigen Tough Armor

Basic protection, decent look

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If you just need the basics, Spigen has you covered. The company has made simple Tough Armor cases for a plethora of other phones, and if their success is anything to go by, this will be another highly-rated cover. 

While its plastic casing isn’t too flashy, the rear-mounted kickstand is pretty nice. The basic black color is $15 (£11, AU$20) on Amazon here, while flashier colors like graphite and rose gold cost a few dollars more.

Image credit: Tech21

Image credit: Tech21

(Image: © Image credit: Tech21)

Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S10 cases: Evo Pure, Check, and Wallet

High-quality see-through protection

Tried-and-true protection
A little pricey for simple-looking cases

Tech21 has released a trio of cases for the Galaxy S10. The Evo Pure is a thin, clear case for minimalists who desire protection but avidly want to show off their phone’s design – this comes in clear, a darker tint shade and shimmer, which looks a lot like the S10’s pearlescent Prism White hue. 

The second is Evo Check, a more robust case with a crosshatched pattern available in primary colors. All come with antimicrobial protection for a more hygenic experience, no matter where you pull out your phone.

The third model, Evo Wallet, isn’t available yet, but it promises space to store two cards with the same signature Tech21 protection. Both the Evo Pure and Evo Check can be purchased on Tech21’s website here, and both retail for $39 (£29, AU$54).

Image credit: Casetify

Image credit: Casetify

(Image: © Image credit: Casetify)

Casetify Galaxy S10 Impact Case

Eye-catching designs

Seriously snappy, unique designs

The Casetify Impact Case comes in at the higher-priced end of our cases roundup, but it claims to protect from drops up to 6.6 feet, and they come in a variety of vivid designs, from the artistic to the understated to the radically stylish. And if you want a pithy slogan about hustling, they’ve got that too!

You can browse Casetify’s Galaxy 10 Impact Case gallery here to pick out the model that’s right for you. All cost $49 and there are dozens of swanky designs. 

Image credit: Nodus Access

Image credit: Nodus Access

(Image: © Image credit: Nodus Access)

Nodus has released a version of its classy wallet case for the Samsung S10, and it looks slick. With an Italian leather cover in brown or black and microfiber lining, it’s a softer, nicer approach to cases. The phone attaches with “micro suction technology,” which looks to be some sort of tactile gel that locks the phone in place without leaving residue or markings.

The Access Case is sold on Nodus’ website here. It’s sold in an initial limited edition at a discount of £39 (about $51, AU$71), after which a regular edition will retail for £49 (about $65, AU$90), with global shipping.